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We make it easy to track your health and fitness progress! All memberships include monthly InBody 570™ scans

Why Scan

The InBody 570™ Body Composition Analyzer measures fat, muscle, and total body water.  Scans are included with your membership so you can better understand what your body is composed and track progress over time. We recommend re-testing every 4 weeks.

How to scan

Previously getting a scan required finding an available coach to help you. Now, we’ve simplified the process with easy self scanning, which you can do at any time. Here’s how…

*For the most accurate results, scan yourself before a workout, NOT afterward

  1. Remove socks, shoes, jewelry & electronics.
  2. Use a wipe to sanitize hands and feet before stepping onto the scanner.
  3. Step on the silver strips and follow the prompts. (Use your phone number as the Client ID)
  4. Once the scan displays 100%, your test is complete! Step off of the machine, collect your belongings and your test results print out.

Analyzing Results

This section breaks down your weight into Lean Body Mass, Fat, and Body Water

Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass – compare the length of each bar for a snapshot of your current body composition
  • C – shape: Keep going!
  • I – shape: Almost there!
  • D – shape: Great work!

Body Mass Index & Percent Body Fat.
BMI can’t distinguish between muscle and fat, PBF is much more specific to each individual’s composition because it compares the amount of body fat to total weight.

BMR is a useful metric that measures the amount of calories your body needs to function at rest. This is a helpful place to start when considering your nutrition.

Visceral Fat is a type of abdominal fat that surrounds your organs, and like normal body fat you want to keep this in a healthy range.

This section shows all previous InBody Scans so you can track your changes.

Got questions? We’re here to help. Just ask a Coach!

See it in action

Watch this brief demo to learn how the scanner works and how to analyze the results.

Monthly Scans are included with all memberships

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