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About Us

Industrious West Seattle

We’ve moving into West Seattle and opening our doors in November, 2023! We hope you’ll explore our offerings and consider pre-purchasing your membership so you’ll be ready to rock as soon as we are. Pre-purchasing your membership gets you an incredible deal and helps support us so we can put our best foot forward when we officially open this fall!

We are Bret and Cayla Gibson. We moved to West Seattle in 2022 and fell in love with the community.  Since then, we’ve decided to put down roots and make an impact in our neighborhood by serving it the best way we know how, through fitness. Which is why we’re opening an Industrious location in the heart of West Seattle. Our goal is simple – to change lives or go broke trying.

It’s not going to be easy but we’re ready to roll up our sleeves. We owe everything we have to hard work, which is the mentality we’ll work to cultivate in our gym.

While all are welcome at Industrious, people who embrace hard work in their daily lives typically thrive at Industrious.

We are built for people who are ready to take the hard work and effort they apply to other areas of their life and apply it to their fitness.

People who apply hard work to their fitness, often see great incredible results not only inside the gym, but outside the gym too, improving their lives holistically.

This is why our motto is Work Hard. Live Fit.

Included in every membership

We believe this class is the best possible way to spend 50 minutes. We’ll challenge you to work harder, dig deeper, and break through barriers to unlock your inner badass.

The HALO™ is a 13’x13’ dedicated workout station containing everything you need for a fast, efficient, effective workout so you can get your sweat on and then go crush your day.

We make it easy to track your health and fitness progress. All memberships include monthly InBody 570™ scans.

During Open Gym there is no structured class, so grab a HALO™ and stretch, lift, develop, or do whatever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchase your membership during our pre-sale, you will immediately pay for your first month. Your membership officially begins on the day we open (scheduled in November, 2023) and you won't pay again until your second month, which would be December.

We've on track to be open in November 2023 (pending construction)

We do functional fitness (rooted in CrossFit) but all within a HALO. We offer several coach led 50-minute classes throughout the day. We also have Open Gym where you can do your own thing 🤙.

Yes it does.

Since we're not open just yet, you can try one of our workouts at another Industrious location. The nearest is in South Lake Union.

If you're interested in signing up at Industrious, your first class is always free at any location, but all locations are independently owned so they will require independent memberships for anything beyond your first class.

In other words, when you buy a membership for Industrious West Seattle, you're all set for your first month AT West Seattle, and you've locked in your pre-sale rate. And if you choose to workout at another Industrious location in the meantime, you'll need to purchase a membership at that location's regular rate.

We guarantee you'll sweat your ass off!

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